Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm inspired.....

I just got to thinking about all the clippings of poems, inspirational thoughts and memos.... all the little things I've gathered over the years....  have been bunched up into little plastic covers and plastic coupon keepers.... what I really need is a place where I can find it in one place.    So when I want something then it will be in one place.  

So.... after I find my desk... ha ha.... this is a project I plan to do.   Make a book.   Make it cute and full of art.  How neat!   I can't wait.  Well...I can.  ;)  

And who inspired me?   Well you know who you are.  ;)  

Got to get busy with organizing all the mess on my desk.   Get it all placed where it needs to go.

It will be a nice project to work on when the weather obviously isn't enjoyable.   We're looking at really cold temperatures.  And more snow.   I don't remember putting in an order for snow!

Have a good morning or evening....where ever you may be.  :o)

Hug, Mary

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