Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Planting time

Wouldn't this be nice to see in your garden...a full row of beautiful corn stalks.   This reminds me of what I would like to see in my garden good healthy looking plants.   
One year we did grow a very small row of corn, because the plot wasn't all that big.   I'm telling ya, we did get a few good ears of corn to cook for dinner.   Sweet, sweet corn.   Sooo good.    The rest of the ears had those nasty little earwigs.    

Since then we decided to stick with vegetables that we knew would do well.  Or hoped would do well. ;)  

Green beans

Let me say this.... want to keep nasty buggy critters out of your veggie garden, without using harsh chemicals?   Plant catnip plants.    In our garden we have not one, but two big plants.   They work great to keep Japanese Beetles out.    And believe it or not, I never do see any cats hanging around.   Interesting, huh?   
Petunias actually attract good bugs to your garden.  So plant those as well.  You will be happy with the results.   And the added flowers will beauty to your veggies.  ;)

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